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Facts About Life
Facts About Life

the facts about life

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Amazing Facts About Life 2021

1. We spend about 25 years of our life sleeping.

2. Smoking one cigarette reduces a man’s life by about 11 minutes.

3. A person yawns about 2.5 lakh times in his entire life.

4. If a man sleeps less than 7 hours at night, then his life expectancy starts decreasing.

5. If every man in this world washes his hands properly, then the lives of about one million people will be saved within a year.

best Amazing Facts About Life

6. Every man spends about three months of his life in the toilet

7. Most of the children in this whole world are born in the month of August only.

8. Every man laughs about 5 to 6 lakh times in his whole life time.

9. You will be surprised to know that a woman spends almost four years of her life in menstruation.

10. Every man and woman spends three to four years of his life in having sex.

11. A man’s skin changes about 800 to 900 times in his entire life.

the facts about life

12. Such people who eat non-veg, they eat about 7000 animals in their whole life.

13. There is also an interesting fact that men waste one year of their life in looking at beautiful women.

14. A man cannot live for more than 12 days without sleeping, while a man can live for two months without eating food.

15. A man spends about 6 months of his life in making savings.

16. A normal man consumes 30 to 35 tons of food in his whole life.

17. People who have more friends live more than other people.

18. A person spends almost 2 weeks of his life in kissing.

Amazing Facts About Life

19. A healthy man walks about one lakh twenty thousand kilometers in his whole life time.

20. A man produces enough saliva in his whole life, which can fill about two swing bridges.

21. In this whole world, about 80% people manage their daily expenses even in less than 700 rupees only.

22. Most American people believe that this world will end in their lifetime.

23. Most Americans still believe in reincarnation.

24. Only one man has the possibility of living 100 years out of about 70 lakh people.

25. A person spends about 6 years of his life dreaming.

26. The satisfaction that a man gets after abusing is called Lalochezia.

27. According to a research, women argue more than only those people whom they really care for.

28. Daytime dreaming is healthy for your brain, it makes you more creative.

Facts About Life

29. The human body is most vulnerable between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the night, that is why most of the people die during this time in sleep.

30. Intelligent people get angry quicker than normal people.

31. If a man sleeps too much then it means that he is very upset and sad inside.

32. People who swear on everything can be more honest.

33. 95% of people in the world write their name as the first word after buying a pen.

34. If you stay up all night, you burn 161 calories.

35. One of the reasons for sleeplessness and headache is the radiation of mobile phones.

36. There are 250 dead people in the world frozen in ice, waiting to be brought back to life by future technology.

37. According to a research, a person is likely to have scary dreams when sleeping in a cold place.

38.Do you know? I love you is said most often in the month of November.

The pain experienced by the mother while giving birth to a child is equivalent to breaking 20 bones simultaneously.

40. Trees also get cancer like humans and after cancer the trees start giving less oxygen.

41. According to a research, when a person speaks the truth, his hands move more, whereas when he tells a lie, he remains in one place.

42. If you are short in height then there is a 90% chance that your mother would have worried more during pregnancy.

the facts about life 2021

43. If someone bites the nail it means he is very upset.

44. When we sneeze, at that time about forty thousand splashes come out of our mouth.

45. The first finger of a human being is the most sensitive than the rest of the fingers.

46. ​​Hearing power of a person decreases after eating more food.

47. There are about 550 hairs in one eyebrow of our eye.

48. If you swallow a pea grain, it can grow in your lungs.

49. Do you know? Drinking water in a silver glass reduces the anger of a man.

50. If someone gives you advice, it is more correct to say You are Right in response than I know.

Facts About Life
Facts About Life

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