laser surgery
laser surgery
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Know about laser surgery of the eyes!

With today’s changing lifestyle, everyone’s eyesight is seen to have a profound effect.

There was a time, when people used to think of glasses as old age, but now even 5 year olds get glasses. laser surgery

But there is no reason to panic because science has also found a cure for it. After the age of 18, you can have eye surgery or surgery, after which it will be possible to see without glasses. The name of this surgery is Lesik.

What is laser surgery?

(What is laser surgery)

Any person has any kind of problem related to eyesight, such as using glasses or putting lenses etc. when not seen far or near.

Laser surgery is done for those people, so that the glasses or lenses put on their eyes are removed forever. But this surgery is not useful for people who have more eyesight.

What is the procedure for laser surgery? (Procedure of laser surgery )
The laser surgery procedure takes a total of 15 minutes and the person has to remain in the hospital for 1 to 2 hours. The way to do this process is as follows-

The person is first numb by putting eye drops on the eyes and is given a medicine to eat.

Doctors use the lid speculum (the name of the device) to stop the blink of a person’s eyelids.

Then use a device to keep the eyes fixed so that the person may feel light pressure on the eyes.

By creating a flap in the cornea of ​​the eye, the computer controlled excimer laser pulses light directly onto the eye.

The cornea is then re-shaped.
Eventually surgeons reestablish the cornea flap and it begins to heal within a few hours.laser surgery

laser surgery
laser surgery

Benefits of laser surgery

  • Eyesight works better.
  • During this surgery, the person has very little pain.
  • After surgery, the person’s eyesight becomes better immediately or only after one day.
  • Early eye light does not affect aging after laser surgery.
  • This surgery is completely safe.
  • Take care before and after laser surgery
  • Lenses not worn 1 week before surgery.
  • Do not do swimming, scuba driving etc. for two weeks after surgery.
  • Try not to get dust etc. in the eyes for 2 weeks.

Cost of Laser Surgery

  • The cost of laser surgery varies across countries.
  • The cost of laser surgery is also different in the different cities of India
  • .
  • The cost of this surgery in India ranges from
  • about 25 thousand to 45 thousand.

But the bigger the hospital or the more experienced surgeon,

the difference in the cost of this surgery can be, which can also be cost in millions.

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